The commitment to the community and to environmental care are an exclusive part of Romipack®'s Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

Controlled waste generation, rationalization of natural resources and energy control are met under the laws, regulations, standards and national and regional customs, as an irrefutable commitment to return to society the trust received in favor of the company's growth.

This gratitude and commitment to society is reflected in the various actions that the company has developed in recent years. Since 2007, the company has been sponsoring rural schools in Colonia Minerva (Santiago del Estero), where it provides assistance to about 300 children by giving them food and school supplies. In addition, in 2010 the company received recognition from the Municipality of Morón (Buenos Aires Province) for the implementation of best practices in the context of CSR.

Romipack® sponsors the fundraising events organized by Fernandez Hospital. In addition, in 2012 we participated in the Decile NO a la violencia de género (say no to gender violence) marathon, held in Caballito neighborhood. Romipack® supported this initiative by sponsoring the 3K participatory race and the 7K competitive race.

Since 2012, Romipack® has also been working with Sabe la Tierra, a non-profit organization that aims to spread the paradigm of sustainability and to promote it through various actions. Through the donation of thousands of paper bags, Romipack® accompanies the sustainable market project they develop, promoting the increasing consumption of natural and organic products driven by the search for better health and as an alternative channel to preserve the environment.

Every year Romipack® is among the organizations that sponsor the Caminata Solidaria del Garrahan (Garrahan Hospital solidarity walk). Through this support, Romipack makes its contribution to Hospital y Casa Garrahan (Garrahan hospital and house) where many families from the provinces stay while their children undergo long medical treatments. The main objective is to provide them with comfortable accommodation.