With the emergence of new communication technologies, an unprecedented dialog between brands and their audience has consolidated. It is a more open and horizontal dialog. In this context, Romipack has begun a process of transformation. Its new brand is in constant motion, its identity becomes an inclusive space: a new experience. Thus, it reflects the prominent place creativity occupies in its business and the importance of ideas. Its new motto is: WE CONTAIN IDEAS.

"The company is constantly evolving. It is always looking for ways to accompany and boost the business and the ideas of its customers. For that reason, we needed a new image that represented our values and commitment to quality, innovation and high technology", said Mirta Galban, Commercial Manager, Romipack.

The new visual identity is governed by the following concepts: LEADERSHIP, TECHNOLOGY and SUSTAINABILITY. For this reason, it is inspired by the forms and elements related to the world of graphics, color and advanced technology to build a dynamic brand that represents the company’s drive, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.